Chocolate Sunday is a radio show hosted by Mr. Gene Rivers in which he plays a wide variety of tunes from the world of Hip Hop, Funk, House, RnB and of course Soul.
I’ve known Mr. Rivers for years and I have been privy to his DJ sets, radio shows on both KFM (which he gave me my first radio show after guesting on his) and George FM and of course the many gigs that he played out being my personal stomping grounds of music learning.
The logo I did for Geno is a reflection on his whole being of what he is musically which is groove, vintage, rounded and warm especially when given the fact that his record collection is exactly what I have described as the jumping point of the logo.
Inspiration for the logo came from some of the records and the respected labels that Gene played during our time of casually hanging out as you can see here in the mood board
With that I started to flesh out the logo through various sketches and then put them all into illustrator for refinement. I sent Gene some earlier concepts to look over and promised him a variety of other refinements. We collectively went with the bottom circular shape as the main Icon because Gene does play a lot of records and if you look at it closely you can see the letters "CS" being formed
Chuck Five Roman was the type I went with because some of the records I remember from Gene's collection had either sans or slab like type. I cut up the text so it would represent a sorta stencil result in case someone wanted to spray it on a wall and being that vinyl tends to have a worn look that is reflected in the final design of the logotype.
Although not shown.....this was actually from the first bunch of concepts I gave Geno after I gave him many options during that, so I guess he liked it and wanted it as the final and so after a quick correction changing SUNDAE to "SUNDAY" this is the end result and I was glad to do this for a mate.
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