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For our semester 1 project we were told to do a presentation of our work in progress and so being the slacker artist that I am, that's what I did around 5am in the morning firing up these slides to present to the class. BTW why are power point presentations so awful aesthetically to look at when someone presents it to ya in the most boring and droning way? That was my challenge! To Make Power Point Great Again! (Sorry no MAGA here LOL)

Our brief is to assume the role of Social activist and normally I'd stray away from politics because lets be honest with ourselves the mere mention of " Social activist" or "Social Justice" is a dog whistle  but what the heck, the cats out the bag so lets have fun with powerpoint and the utter hypocrisy of Youtube's algorithm.
FR3 SP3 (Free Speech) is the project name that I have decided on and the topic that I want to put forward as my final produced piece for my assessment. The reason why I choose this as a "social unjust" is that recent events such as the arrest of one Tommy Robinson who was arrested for live streaming a court case on child grooming gangs is why I believe we need to discuss this issue as to what Free Speech is and how valuable your voice as a commodity is in the market place of ideas! I believe that there is an unbalanced, chaotic nature where there is a favorable bias towards a popular political opinion freed from critique whilst one is considered "DANGEROUS"
That was a mouthful huh? LOL. Also I want to highlight the sheer hypocrisy of Youtube's infamous algorithm on how they are encroaching on content creators in an attempt to curb hate speech on their platform. This of course started when Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) caused the 2nd adpocalypse (link to Sargon's video here for context because Im been liberal and lazy and I deserve that right LOLs)
The two Youtube "esq" splash pages documents the problems with the "algorithm" which I took screenshots of stories that highlighted this including the stories about the LGBT community having their videos set to restricted mode. One of my favorite youtubers Blaire White, a transgendered, conservative had most if not her videos demonetized because they held an opinion considered as "DANGEROUS". So she makes a living with Patreon
Zuck isnt safe neither. He not only abuses your private information (such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal)
Well its 5am in the morning now. Time to hit the sack. Make Powerpoint Great again!
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