This was a video I did for my Semester 1 assignments in which we the designers assume the role of "Activism", a role that I was never comfortable with because I rather be left alone and not give my opinions on social matters or current politics.

But what changed my mind (besides the whole if I don't do the task I will FAIL)  was the recent spate of 30 day bans, suspensions and public outcry from public figures of the right (as in Left Wing, Centrist and Right Wing) who were losing their accounts on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. With the latter, Youtube has also implemented demonetization systems where end users could lose earning money from the advertising that plays before the video because it violates their TOS
Their argument for all these inconveniences to their right leaning  is that these tech companies want  to curb HATE SPEECH off their platforms
However what is HATE SPEECH? There are no clear definitions as to what is considered HATEFUL and the debate as to what the boundaries are is getting not only ridiculous but DANGEROUS
And so I wanted to make a video based on the counter from these tech companies as well as activists that now proclaim that words themselves can harm you. Yes words are now DANGEROUS!

And so I wanted to make a comparison to how words are not dangerous against objects that can be Dangerous or worst FATAL. Now I could argue also that words could also influence someone to be hateful and well guns, knives and cars have lead to the deaths of many but why is someone's opinion more DANGEROUS than something that can end your life?
This is the final video that I uploaded to my Youtube Channel which was done in After Effects with animation done by moi. I also composed the soundtrack as well using Ableton Live.

You can read the rest of the details of how this video came to be here
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