Wow, I have a very interesting story about this one. My friend set me up with Rob from Hillfarrance which specializes in seed funding for entrepreneurs which he was a part of after seeing my works at Ngahere Communities. I also believe this is my second commission, next to the SouthSide Art Festival.
Now, this was a trying project cause it was on the eve of Covid 19. From wanting to bail out and return the client's money, to even being scared of opening one's email account as well as many mental health issues on my side. 
The brief was the following:
(1) Being a credible person - owning who you are and your superpower. Don't conform but instead be you!
(2) Having an audacious, bold vision - not being scared to think big and beyond what is achievable. I call it a big, hairy, audacious goal
(3) Building something for many generations to come. Creating a company or a charity or a product that is sustainable for the future. Looking after the future. 
​​​​​​​(4) The Maori holistic lens.

Going by some of the points of the brief, I did an interpolation that is a self narrative of my journey of being a creative person. The struggles, the trials and tribulations Past/Present/Future, the accolades, and so on.
(Southside: A Digital Narrative)
Confession Time: I didn't come up with the final concept until the last week of the deadline. So what was the thinking? Well one of my pieces from my past (see above) that everyone knows me for was the inspiration to pitch towards Rob. Every art piece I do is a remix from the past and I equate that to when I do music as well. So some familiar elements have returned and I had a lot of hard drive waste that sat in my HD for years not being used
What are my initial feelings about this commission? I enjoyed it in retrospect and Rob liked the overall image. Probably my only gripe in terms of the composition is that I should have incorporated more Maori design cause at the time, most of my recent works had Maori motifs in it.

Overall, it was a interesting and a teachable moment for myself in terms of my own freelancing and I want to thank Rob from hillfarrance for the opportunity
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