This was a project for Ngahere Communities Manukau in which they were setting up a pop up store for Christmas to sell items from South Auckland's creative community and they needed postcards and a window decal for the front display Window.

"Joy to the Hood" was the name of the pop up store and the client wanted type treatment and concepts based around Christmas in the Hood.

Originally I wanted to pitch the concept of what happens during Christmas especially the negative aspect where people are homeless, crimes are committed, and families are broken and separated during this time. And so I thought the usage of a smashed Candy Candy would served as a metaphor of being "Broken" especially the sharp shards of the Candy Cane symbolizing the pain of enduring Christmas.
For the blank written part of the postcard I wrote the Tagline "Keep it together this Christmas" as a friendly reminder to have peace, love and togetherness. Something that is slowing fading away.
In the end the client wanted to simplify it and approved the Type Treatment which I was happy for because I loved the type that was used and it looks fantastic for the Window Decal making it pop.
Final Decal for JOY TO THE HOOD
Final postcard (I think it became a flyer in the end)
Unused concept
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