(compete concept for JOY TO THE HOOD)
(Unused Animated gif for Social Media)
This is was one of my biggest rebrandings I have ever participated in with a regular client Ngahere Communities in Manukau for their annual JOY TO THE HOOD Pop Up Store.

The concept behind this event is to sell locally made goods from Manukau from local entrepreneurs just in time for Christmas!

We agreed on a theme that will carry onto the pop up store which was the 80s. From its colours of neon pink coupled with familiar kiwi iconography such as the Pohutukawa and sneakers hanging off power lines.
I was inspired mostly from the 50's when it came to coming up with the overall identity and brand for JOY TO THE HOOD especially those rounded lit up signs you see in 50's diners. Looking at the MOODBOARD there are some examples of rounded NEON signage which I gravitated towards which was the direction we went with.
(A2 poster)
(Street Posters)
To keep the theme going we looked into getting a Neon Sign done for the Pop Up. Now at first I asked a dear friend of mines who got a sign made for her part in our end of year graduates exhibition. Couple of things to consider. She had the sign MADE IN CHINA and imported to New Zealand. Unfortunately due to health and safety she couldn't use the Neon sign at our grads exhibition which was a shame cause it was a well put together sign.
However luck have it that there was a local business in Auckland called Radikal Neon (@radikalneon) which makes these one of a kind Neon Signs made of LEDs. 

This was the result

(Neon Sign by RADIKAL NEON)
(Neon Sign by RADIKAL NEON)
(Neon Sign by RADIKAL NEON)
(Neon Sign by RADIKAL NEON)
We also applied the logo to a full sized window decal, printed matter (like posters) and Tee Shirts
Lastly (and this is a recent addition to what I offer clients) is some animation for Facebook covers or any social media. I noticed this trend appear on Facebook for advertisements or events, services or products which during the holidays I learned how to use After Effects to make these animations and now I provide it as a extra addition to my skill sets.
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