When it comes to cultural events, most people only know of 1 to 3 events that happen in Auckland throughout the year. This results into only the most known cultural events being attended while the lesser known ones gets a smaller audience. By knowing only 1 to 3 events, some people aren’t really encouraged to attend them as the particular event might not be in their interests.

To encourage more people to attend cultural events, our group is planning to create an app that allows the users to see every cultural event that is happening in Auckland throughout the year. The app will feature events such as Diwali, Polyfest and K-Festival. It will also feature sub-cultures’ events such as the Pride festival from the LGBTQ+ community.

- Events page (a list of all the events)
- News page (news that are related to events held in Auckland)
- Contact page (about OurAuckland, give feedback)
- Ticket page (for events that require a paid entry)
- A page for a specific event (what the event is about, what stalls will be available, what music performances will be there)
Jacob: I took part in my first ever UX assignment with a team that Sara put together which consisted of Simon, Mariele, Xun and myself in which we rotated through roles of Team Member, scrum master and Product Owner. The following images will contain screens that I did throughout the project as well as some important ones
Our Style Guide was put together by Xun and this is what we used in the overall design of our app. We favoured bright colors with a neutral cream background. We also used Montserrat for the body text and Coolvetica for the headers.
I designed the logo for Our Events which was inspired by hula dancing or any cultural dancing especially when you see the hand movement   flowing free with the dancing which was the inspiration behind it.

So I put together this document that goes into explanation as to the processes and variants of this logo because originally there were other wordmarks considered but we went with this one after careful consideration

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