Outakes was my publication that was a part of our end-of-year exhibition. The exhibition which unfortunately I couldn't turn up because my brother died. Bit of a shame because I believed I worked so hard with the subject at hand which was my depiction of FREE SPEECH and how my works served as a warning well..it is 2022 and Twitter is censoring people, Facebook as well as corporations, and far-left groups are not only engaging in doxing of people but censoring their political opponents to the point where they would unperson you but I digress.

This publication is essentially documenting what happened after 2016 when Donald Trump won the election and how divisive our culture got in terms of all of it being consumed by politics. Endless protests of conservative figures speaking at college campuses with the likes of Ben Shapiro, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopoulos which I would argue was the golden age of youtube shitposting as it was called.

Due to my brother's death at the time, I was given another chance to exhibit my posters again which currently has been shipped to Las Vegas.
After reading up the booklet recently, I might do more in this space because a lot has happened since 2016. It is now 2022 and so far we have gone through a pandemic, Donald Trump lost the election, and we are currently suffering the biggest recession as well as food shortages. Crime has gone up, rioting has accelerated to a fever pitch with the usual transphobia, racism, sexism, and rape culture. 

It's gonna be fun LOL
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