These are slides from my Pechakucha presentation in which we had to do 20 slides for 20 seconds to pitch to our potential clients (our tutors) what our final piece will be for our November graduates exhibition. These detailed what influences and ideas that we were inspired by, colors, shapes typefaces etc....

My friend loved the presentation I did due to the type treatment I gave to the power point slides and so this is you (she knows who she is)
Each slide was originally an animated gif embedded to add movement and humor. I believe in having fun when I present things. (I'll work it out but you are gonna have to use your imagination)
I was heavily inspired by the movie "They Live" which an alien race has taken over the upper echelons of society in which they control everything from the media to the police everything! Also gives parallels into today current political climate in which we take everything at face value not knowing the whole truth.

What compelled me to "They Live" was that the protagonist wore these Black Ray Bans which he puts on and sees hidden messages in billboards and magazines that simply say "SLEEP, DON'T PROCREATE, OBEY"
So the theme I was aiming towards was Shock, Fear, and Censorship. I wanted to convey that we are afraid to speak out in fear of causing offense, in fear of hurting people or in fear of hurting ourselves.
My main interest in those topics spawned from America's recent troubles with their defining what is Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech. I did that poster with the skull to illustrate that very Frustration.
Due to the simplistic nature of the Triptych posters I looked at other creative people like Gordon Walters and his Koru paintings which I liked the gestalt effect on his painting as your brain builds the shape
The man of the hour. Trevor Jackson is a huge influence in the final of these posters for you see, he art directed a serious of posters for the band SOULWAX
These were early experiments of the optical posters.
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