Starstruck clothing was a project that I participated with in my minor where we were tasked to come up with a group venture that was doable and can be initiated over the holidays to make a tiny profit on the side.
This was a result of many ideas that we had come up with but were shot down because it didn’t play into each of our skillsets.
The group consisted of myself (graphic design), 1 photography student and 3 fashion students, which seem balanced and fair despite being put together last minute.
With the Logo there is a good reason why we choose the Triangle shape (sans Illuminati relationship) as this represents the air polarity meaning Communication; socialization; conceptualization.
The running theme for Starstruck was that we wanted to design clothing based on the Zodiac slash star signs which lead us to designing visuals based around the idea.
For example my birthday is in March and I identify with Pisces. So I base my design around that representation what it means to be a Pisces by doing my take (which I decided on a graphic of half eaten fish).

Also from a design perspective, the iconography relating to the star signs seems rather dated and bland so this is why I love this idea.
In my opinion this idea can definitely work because everyone knows their star sign, it’s been a part of pop culture for eons now and this could be further expanded with artist commissions to do a tee for us.  
Whether we will follow through with this idea is still in the air at this stage.
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