This was the first Music Video that I did for Ali X, Fausto, and the Controlla crew in Mexico. Ali and I planned this shoot for months around 2022 on the eve of the lockdowns.  
My thought process was to send a postcard to Ali X from South Auckland which narrates my environment. 
From the Maori culture to the Pacifika performances that happened randomly at the Mangere Markets on a Saturday.
There were so many delays on my end because of the lockdowns so this is pretty much a glimpse into what life was like before it went to hell. Well, that was my take on it.
Overall despite the hold-ups thanks to Covid, it was a joy to do this video for Ali X and the Controlla crew. Hopefully we can do it again.
Gear used

Canon 700d
Stock Lens
Imac 2013 (i7)
Adobe Premier 
Adobe After Effects
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