From what I can recall, I did a short documentary on myself regarding my battles with mental illness via my depression and anxiety which crippled and impeded my creative process. This was a part of our Moving image assignment for class.

The title comes from a form of dance music from America signified by a smiley face that serves as the mascot.

When it came to the Soundtrack, I recently purchased a turntable as record collecting is a hobby I'm passionate about outside university and music being something that I obsess over and have been gladly involved with at some capacity throughout the years
Each song was meticulous chosen from my collection of records to convey a sadness (especially in the bedroom scene) and reflection. Also I figured that the viewer wouldn't know who any of the artists featured. I loved the music used and I believe its perfect
The last scene I took at the Church because I wanted to portray a sense of travel and going back to old haunts of my past. This was also the last time my brother helped me out for this project as he passed away on November 2018. I miss you Greg
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