This is from an assigment for school where we had to make an animation from a catchphrase and or meme. I choose "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" from ZERO WING, a game from Toaplan for the arcade and SEGA MEGADRIVE.
This was also my official introduction to Adobe After Effects, a program that I have put off learning due to getting a competant working setup to do motion design.

My idea behind the video was to keep it exactly 16 bit, like you used to remember when you played video games...or if you were my age in 1990.

I also wanted to do a story in which is was based on a fantasy football scenario with the baddest bounty hunter Samus from the game Metroid tasked to hunting down CATS.

The assets were borrowed and remixed from various sprites (look it up on the internet) and imported into photoshop maintaining its hard edge pixels. When imported into After Effects I had to make sure it stayed into a harder edge again so the DAFT setting was applied

Music was provided by techno producer Mercurius FM
Overall, this was a seriously fun project

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